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Annual Meeting, From Vision to Action-Medical Affairs

Venue: Lisbon Marriott Hotel

Rental equipment: Laser Projectors, Pa system, Lighting, Cameras, Streaming gear and Computers

Staging:  Wentex Pipe and drape grey, Furniture, Wentex Foh Rental kit, carpet, curtains, and Stage elements.

Devs Av Rental Group played a vital role in delivering extensive support to MAPS during their event at the prestigious Lisbon Marriott Hotel located in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. With their expertise and dedication, they ensured the seamless execution of the event by providing a wide range of services.

One of the key aspects of our support was the installation of top-notch video and audio equipment. Devs Av Rental meticulously set up high-quality audio systems, including speakers and microphones, to ensure crystal-clear sound throughout the event. We also implemented cutting-edge video equipment, such as projectors and screens, to deliver captivating visual presentations.

Moreover, Devs Av Rental provided comprehensive camera support, ensuring that every moment of the event was captured with utmost professionalism. Their skilled camera operators captured high-resolution footage from different angles, allowing for dynamic visual content that could be utilized for various purposes such as live streaming, post-event highlights, and promotional materials.

In today’s digital age, web streaming capabilities are essential to reach a broader audience. Recognizing this, Devs Av Rental ensured seamless web streaming of the event. They set up the necessary infrastructure and employed advanced streaming technologies to enable viewers from around the world to tune in and participate remotely.

In addition to the technical aspects, Devs Av Rental also assisted with furniture arrangement, creating a functional and visually appealing seating area for the attendees. They carefully selected and positioned furniture pieces to ensure optimal comfort and an inviting environment for the guests.

To add an elegant touch to the event space, Devs Av Rental incorporated Wentex pipe and drapery in a tasteful gray color scheme. This choice of drapery not only complemented the overall design but also helped to create defined spaces, add privacy, and control the flow of the event area effectively.

In summary, Devs Av Rental’s comprehensive support played a pivotal role in the success of MAPS’ event at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Our expertise in video and audio equipment, lighting systems, camera operations, web streaming capabilities, stage setup, furniture arrangement, and the thoughtful inclusion of Wentex pipe and drapery in a tasteful gray color scheme, elevated the event experience and left a lasting impression on all attendees.

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