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Green Screen Studio 

If you are looking for a trusted company that can provide Green Screen Production, we can help. From start to finish, our team of experts will assist you with green screen technology that can help you to captivate audiences and achieve goals. We can put your clients or product anywhere and are available for your next project. 

XR Studio

Extended Reality

Any studio, Anywhere!

We don’t believe “one size fits all”… that’s why we’ve established strategic partnerships with studios across the globe;

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Madrid, London, Lyon, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Paris, etc.;

What is an XR Studio?

xR, also know as Extended Reality, Smart Stage & Virtual Production, is the process of placing an actor or presenter into a virtual world in real-time with no need for a green screen or post-production. The digital world can be wholly imaginary or hyper-real, depending on the needs of your project.

The stage is made up of a LED wall and flooring that surrounds the presenter. Using specially adapted broadcast cameras, the digital world is applied to the screen from the correct perspective. The world is extended beyond the LED walls to complete the picture and immerse the presenter in the virtual reality world.

3D Objects, scenery, products, cars, furniture, or whatever you wish can be placed in front or behind the actor or presenter. The presenter and camera are free to move around the stage whilst the digital world is processed from the right perspective and applied to the LED walls in real-time – ensuring the final image always looks correct.

Live to stream

For Virtual and Hybrid Events 

Devs AV Rental offers various streaming services, including live webcasting, web-based video conferencing, and Hybrid Events.

We enable your virtual conference presenters and audience to connect through web-based live stream platforms hosted by your company or done by y Devs AV Rental. Devs deliver a professional live stream product in days! Every PowerPoint presentation, keynote address, board meeting, and live performance webcast to be recorded and streamed in HD quality.  Our advanced audio-visual technology and virtual event studios offer various solutions based on your unique live event needs.

Our professional AV staff offers the highest level of attention to detail, so every aspect of your online virtual and hybrid event is looked after.


Virtual Set - Green Screen studio Spain

Build Brand Awareness  

with a Virtual and Hybrid Exhibition Platform

Whether your goal is to create an event from scratch or expand your existing offering, Our Virtual Exhibition’s platform provides a reliable online experience with virtual networking solutions, live stream services, and detailed visitor analytics for 10,000+ users at any time.

We have over a decade of experience delivering large-scale, virtual, and hybrid conferences and events to a global customer base, with a team of IT developers, Technical producers, and AV crew. Our services can support virtual, hybrid, or live events of any size across the globe.

Virtual Online Exhibition platform

Green Screen & XR Studio  Rental

Devs AV Rental covers all the equipment and extended support you will need to have a successful Green screen recording or virtual event. Devs AV Rental is dedicated to making your next event a success. Get in touch with our team in Barcelona, Monaco, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon.

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