beMatrix frame rental
beMatrix Frames Are Amazing Modulars

The beMatrix system is the most sustainable solution for temporary constructions such as exhibits,  event walls, indoor & outdoor events and pop-ups. We provide beMatrix frames to create and install customizable modular event displays with SEG fabric graphics and printed panels.

beMatrix Rental

We are experts in bringing your concepts to life with the beMatrix modular frame system and making your event stunning. By focusing on your brand and your objectives for the event, our deco team ensures that it looks good and clean doesn’t matter where your event is Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, Cannes, Monaco, Vienna, Madrid, London, Dusseldorf, Devs Av rental company your beMatix Supplier for across the globe.

beMatrix LEDSKIN Rental

LEDskin 1mm LED panels are fully integrated LED modules for the sustainable beMatrix frame system. The innovative, modular and fully integrable LED wall. LEDskin® is a revolutionary product designed for stand construction with the beMatrix system. LEDskin® fascinates by the endless possibilities and guarantees a quick construction and a great look of your stand. The innovative exhibition system with an integrated LED wall.

The wall can be used indoors and can be perfectly integrated into the b62 frame system. In addition to the basic square modules, there are also over-corner modules and concave and convex curve modules to enable an extremely creative design.

You don’t have to be a magician to use LEDskin®. Our LED wall allows plug & play. You just need to mount the modules, plug in cables and connect them to media server.

beMatrix frame rental

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